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Project cars GO.

Last summer Project cars 3 was launched and this time mad studios and gameevil launched Project cars go.

It was in a beta stage for a long time and is now releasing for mobile on 23 March.

It is similar to other mobile racing games.

However, it has a speciality that this game uses real cars and locations.

Project cars go coming for mobile: Gaming news

This game has Ford GT LM GT3, Bac Mono, F1 cars and also endurance cars as well. 

It will take place in Las Vegas, Long beach and singapore.

Do comment down if you play racing games in your mobile, PC or console?

PUBG ties up with Skybound games.

PUBG corporations are making a horror survival game “The Callisto Protocol” which is a year far away from us.

It is coming for the newer age of consoles and recently its wicked CG trailer was released as well.

The news has come that skybound gaming is helping PUBG corporation in marketing of this game.

Callisto protocol ties up with skybound gaming for marketing

This game is expected to be linked with the PUBG universe as well.

I personally like this kind of creepy crawly games. Do you like these kinds of games or not?

Indian Government on eSports.

On 4th Feb the government of India was asked 5 questions on esports in India. These questions were:

(a) Whether the Government has any plan to introduce gaming and esports policy in the country and, if so, the details thereof;

(b) Whether the Government has any plans to bring esports and gaming in the concurrent list of the Constitution and, if so, the details thereof;

(c) Whether the Government has any estimates on the size/value of the gaming industry in India and, if so, the details thereof;

(d) Whether the Government has any plans or taken any steps to regulate/curb illegal gaming, betting, and gambling in India, if so, the details

(e) Whether the Government has taken any steps or has any plan to introduce educational gaming and, if so, the details thereof?

Esports gaming rise in India: Gaming news

I will explain in short what the Indian government has said. 

They have said that they knew the rise of esports in India and said that e sports is like sports.

Also, they have said that esports is a state matter and states have the responsibility on how to widespread it.

They have also said that esports is different from isports or gambling.

Like esports, gambling is also a state matter and states have to decide how to reduce it.

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Here is the link to the article from Sportkeeda if you want to read about this topic in detail.

Gambling companies claim to be Esports.  

Now, this is very funny news according to me. 

It is because recently some gambling companies of India want gambling to be categorised as esports.

However, they might not know that esports is a skill based thing and gambling is all and all luck based.

Gambling companies wants to be declared as esports

I personally hate gambling because it is making the youth incapable of doing hard work. 

What are your opinions on this? 

Minecraft Lunar new year update.

Due to the pandemic situation people are facing difficulties in celebrating Lunar new year.

To make the Lunar year of minecraft gamers much more exciting. 

They have released a new minecraft Lunar year update. 

Minecraft Lunar year update: Gaming news

In this update, you’ll get a lot of fun celebration activities which would make your Lunar year much more exciting.

Also, do tell me if you play minecraft or not?

Ayush player banned from the Free Fire India championship.

Online gaming is on the rise but one of the main problems is the hackers in it.

Some people use hacks in order to make their gaming easy.

Similar incident has happened in the Free Fire India championship with AYUSH player from Team Old Skool.

Free fire Indian Championship 2021, Ayush Player banned

Due to him his whole team is disqualified from the Free Fire India championship 2021. 

Also, AYUSH can’t play any free fire tournament upto 7th Feb 2022. 

93 games lined up for 5 yrs by Take Two Interactive. 

Next news is coming from the father of Rockstar companies Take two interactive.

Take two interactive like the previous year have again said that they would release 93 games in 5 yrs of time span.

They have said out of the 93 games, 63 games are core games, 17 are mid core games.

13 casual games and 23 are mobile games as well.

Out of the 93 games, 26 are free to play and 67 are premium releases.

Now, this announcement from Take Two is taken as a bluff.

It is because, as I have told you that Take two have said the same thing last year as well.

People are thinking that Take Two thinks that Red Dead online which they have recently launched is a new game.

However, people are also praying that Take Two in hurry of making GTA 6 won’t make it a garbage like cyberpunk 2077. 

4000 PS5 in India : Is it a joke?

Now, this news is quite serious for all the gamers in India, especially console ones.

It is because Sony who have recently launched PS5 in India has only sent 4000 pieces of it till now which is very less.

At the launch time, they have said that they would need 12k to 15k PS5 pieces in India to fulfill the demand of gamers.  

However, it is not executed till now. 

It is a very bad news for gamers in India who wanted to experience exclusive games in ray tracing.

In a survey, it was told that till 2019 4 lakh PS4 was sold in India which tells the humongous market of India.

So, I personally think Sony should look into this matter and fix it soon.

Do you think that console gaming is rising in India or not? Tell me in the comments below.

Asus ROG Masters Asia Pacific Tournament.

Next news is a great one from the esports players of CS:go in India.

Asus is hosting a CS:Go tournament known as Asus ROG Masters Asia Pacific tournament.

It will occur from March to April 2021. Due to this coronavirus outbreak it will be held online.

Teams from various countries such as:

  1. Australia.
  2. Bangladesh.
  3. Cambodia. 
  4. Hong Kong.
  5. India.
  6. Indonesia.
  7. Japan.
  8. Korea.
  9. Malaysia.
  10. Myanmar.
  11. Philippines.
  12. Singapore.
  13. Sri Lanka.
  14. Thailand.
  15. Vietnam.

In this tournament there would be country qualifiers, finals and asia pacific finals.

For Indian players, country qualifiers will be on 8th April and finals on 10th April.

You can watch it on their Asus ROG youtube channel.

After that the country final championships will go and give their 100% against other teams from Asia Pacific region.

For the winners of the country finals, Asus will give the following prizes.

  1. 800$ for the winner.
  2. 400$ for the first runner up.
  3. 200$ for second runner up.

After that, the winning teams will strap up their backpacks for grand prizes in the Asia Pacific Championship. 

  1. 10k$ for the winner.
  2. 3.5k$ for first runner up.
  3. 1.5k$ for second runner up.

This is a great initiative by Asus ROG to increase the popularity of CS:go esports popularity all over the world.

Rainbow 6 Quarantine to Parasite?

Next news is coming from Ubisoft upcoming game Rainbow 6 Quarantine which was said to be renamed to Rainbow 6 Parasite.

However, it was first said that Rainbow 6 Quarantine is renamed to Parasite.

But Ubisoft has recently clarified that they haven’t renamed Rainbow 6 Quarantine to Parasite.

They have said that they are using this term Parasite just between their internal team and haven’t renamed it yet.

Here is an article from confirming the same!

RDR Remastered for next gen?

Last news is coming from the father of gaming studios, Rockstar studios.

A leak is spreading again all over the internet that RDR (Red Dead Redemption) is being remastered.

However, it is quite not convincing because a similar leak was also spreaded last year in november but was found to be fake.

It was also rumoured that Rockstar and Take Two Interactive are planning to remaster GTA games.

It adds some trust to this leak. 

Also in one leak it was told that GTA 6 is coming in 2022 which adds another small bit of trust in this leak.

So, it is 50-50 that this leak could be true as well as false.

According to me, it would be great to remaster RDR because as well know that it is only released for PS3.

Also, many other gaming studios are remastering their old games such as Saints row.

Here is an article of gamerant telling the same!

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Also, do tell me in the comments if you have played RDR 1 or not? 

Bottom Line.

These are all the trending gaming news from the last week. 

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