20 GTA 5 Unknown Facts 2021 (I bet you don’t know)!

Have you played GTA 5 on you PC or console.

Comment down how many of you have played it and how many haven’t played it yet!

As, I have previously mentioned that GTA 5 is like a wine which gets better as it ages.

The craze of GTA V especially its online version never seems to end.

However, GTA fans are dying for the announcement of GTA 6.

But there is no official conformation of GTA 6 from Rockstar which is making its fans crazier than every before.

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So, for the time being enjoy this article on 20 GTA 5 Unknown Facts which I bet you don’t know!

So, without any further ado let’s straight dive in.

1. A frozen alien has appeared.

GTA V never stops to make parody of America and its culture.

And that is the reason why they give so much hints of alien in their games because most of the alien appearances are reported in the USA.

But in GTA V, they have even given an Easter egg of a real alien which is buried under the ice in the prologue where Michael, Trevor and Franklin are escaping.

You can find this alien in the prologue escape sequence where you are guided to go over the railroad tracks.

First you have to ignore the instructions and turn right instead.

Go under the bridge, come out and see inside the frozen lake you’ll find the alien.

But don’t stay there for much because it will abandon your first mission on GTA V.

Here’s how you can find the alien in GTA V.

2. John Marson Son is a writer.

Most of you might know that Rockstar leaves some Easter eggs of their previous games into every new game they make.

And Rockstar doesn’t leave a chance to tease gamers by giving them an Easter egg that gives some hint that their most popular games GTA V and Red Dead Redemption are connected.

If you want to know more about this connection then here’s a Hindi video telling some proofs that Red Dead and GTA V are connected.

But the most interesting Easter egg is that of John Marston who is the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

If you go to the Vinewoord hills house of Franklin and find the book case in that house.

After that zoom into it with the help of sniper rifle you’ll see a book title, “Red Dead” whose author name written on the book is J. Marston.

Now this could be the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

And also if you have completed Red Dead Redemption then you might know that John has a son named Jack who is very fond of books and has also showed interest in writing one by himself.

So, the author of that book could be either John or Jack.

3. A different choice.

If you have played GTA V till the end then you should know that in the last mission you have three choices:

  • Kill Michael.
  • Kill Trevor.
  • Suicide in which either all three will die or all three will live.

Now coders after going through the whole code of GTA V have found that originally Franklin was planned to be killed in the last mission and was replaced by a fully playable character Lamar.

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4. Canis Bohdi.

Canis Bohdi is the name of Trevor’s personal vehicle which could be reference to two things.

First, the main antagonist of the 1991 film Point Break is a bank robber named Bohdi, who associates with a group of surfers that are mistaken for his crew.

And this group of surfers owns a Kaiser M715 which is similar to Trevor’s vehicle Bohdi.

This could be a reference to Steven Oggs (voice actor of Trevor) son whose actual name is Bohdi.

5. Different sleep schedule of characters.

As you know that there are two options of saving the game in GTA V:

  • First is the auto saving option.
  • Second is by going to your house and sleeping there.

In the second option, do you know that sleeping time depends on which character you are playing with in GTA V.

It is simply mind-blowing because this game is so much detailed despite being an 8 years old game.

Michael sleeps for 6 hours, Franklin for 8 hours and Trevor being a drunkard sleeps for a monstrous 12 hours.

6. GTA protagonist are based GTA players.

Rockstar beliefs that there are 3 types of GTA players and make the main protagonist of their game according to them.

Let’s take the help of GTA V protagonists to make this concept easily digestable.

Michael refers to the players who have gained the mastery in it by beating the game and now want to take it easy.

Franklin is a kind of player who has determination who want to complete the game by themselves and become a successful criminal.

Trevor symbolizes my kind of player who just want to exploit the game’s open world nature and want to do as much destruction as possible.

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7. References underwater.

GTA games are a mine of Easter eggs of their previous games and GTA V has most of them in it.

Even underwater GTA makers have left Hollywood movies and previous GTA games references.

One of them is really epic!

First go to Sandy Shore, dive 500 ft. just off the coast of sandy shore you’ll find a hatch that looks similar to the hatch from the Hollywood TV show “Lost”.

Not satisfied yet? There’s something more for you.

Swim above the hatch, you’ll hear a strange tapping which is coded message which when deciphered says, “Hey, you never call, how’d you go for bowling”.

Does it sound any familiar?

If yes then do tell me the name of the character who says this line in the comments down below!

8. 700 = 007?

Now, what this heading means?

Of course, I know that you have got some idea that it is connected to Agent 007 aka James Bond.

I know that you can make any of your characters like James Bond with the help of implementing mods in GTA 5.

However, there is a car in the main game which is similar to the James Bond’s main car Aston Martin DB5 which can be seen in many of his movies.

The name of this car in GTA 5 is JB700 and if you expand this name then JB stands for James Bond and 700 when reversed stands for 007.

9. There’s no Country for Old Man Reference.

When you go to the western base of Mount Chiliad a special random event by the name “Deal Gone Wrong!” starts.

Just like in the movie “No country for Old Men” the player can pick up what appears after a failed drug deal.

Then go down the hill and go past the cars you’ll see some survivors of the shoot out who are dying next to a silver briefcase.

These men warn you not to take the money inside this briefcase, as you’ll be hunted down by people.

However, inside the briefcase there is $25,000 instead of 2 million dollars which is depicted originally in the movie.

As told by the survivors you are then hunted by a group of drug dealers and if you kill them then you can take the money for yourself.

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10. Steven Ogg gone too CRAZY in character!

You know how much GTA gamers like Trevor due to its aggressive and CRAZY nature!

All thanks to Steven Ogg who is the voice actor of Trevor Phillips for his super voice acting.

Let me tell you that Steven got too much CRAZY for his role as he was seen mostly in underwear at the time of voice acting in order to get in the CRAZY character of Trevor fully.

11. Michael is DEAF!

HATS OFF To GTA gamers out there because they are one of the best detectives in the world because it is not easy to find such hidden things from the game.

This interesting fact that I am going to tell you is not left by Rockstar into the game intentionally.

But is due to the hearing problem of Michael Voice and motion capture actor Ned Luke.

Actually he is almost deaf from his right ear.

And if any other character is talking to Michael during a cutscene while he is on right then he will usually lean himself towards right in order to listen to him properly.

12. Amanda De Santa – The SLUT!

Amanda is the wife of Michael in GTA 5 and her backstory hasn’t been told fully in the game.

However, there are many signs in the game that points to the fact that Amanda is a SLUT!

First, go to cybercafé in GTA V and type the website hushmush.com in the search tab.

It is basically a dating website and there you can see that there is a profile by the name of Amanda there.

However, this doesn’t prove that Amanda is a slut.

Trevor in the mission “Friends Reunited” comments on the breasts of Amanda and says that Michael has made money using her as a prostitute.

Also, his son Jimmy has also referred to her as a slut which tells that something is fishy with the past of Amanda.

Here is a guide from GTA fandom about Amanda’s past.

13. Falling Glitch.

If you have played GTA V then you might know that you can’t survive a jump from the sky even in the water too.

But there is a glitch by which you can survive these jumps.

How can you do that?

Here’s how you can do it.

For this glitch, you have to jump in water not on land and your health should be more than 70%.

First, go up in the sky with the help of helicopter and jump from it with your parachute.

Open your parachute in the mid air and release it after some time.

After that if you will land on water you will not die or lose a single bit of your health.

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In every game from GTA trolls its gamers by giving a graffiti which either says, “You weren’t supposed to be here, you know” or says, “Hello Again with a smiley sign”.

So, as usual as other GTA games there is graffiti in GTA V too.

You have to go to Del Perro and there on a container you can see a graffiti saying, “Nothing to see here, move along with a smiley”.

15. Niko Bellic is DEAD!

Niko Bellic is the main protagonist of GTA IV and is one of the those characters which has seen a wholesome character growth throughout the game.

In GTA V, there is a random event known as “Get away driver” in which two people are doing a bank robbery.

In this mission you have two options:

  • First, either help them to rob the bank.
  • Or kill them and rob the money from them.

If you take the first choice, then you can listen to one of the robbers saying that, “doing robbery in Liberty City was easy”.

If you want to see the video of this mission then here it is:

Liberty City was the main city of GTA IV, gamers identified that robber and found that he was the friend of Niko named Packie.

After that you can recruit Packie as a crew in heists and in one of the heists he says that Niko have died, but he didn’t know exactly.

It tells that Niko at the time of GTA V had been killed.

16. Most Important Character.

There is one main character in GTA V without him the events of GTA V won’t happen.

It is the tennis coach Kyle Chavis who Michael has caught red-handed with his wife Amanda.

It is because without him Trevor wouldn’t have found that Michael is alive and of GTA V won’t happen.

So, all the gamers go to the comments box and write “Thank You, Kyle Chavis”.

17. How to Find UFOs.

Another super thing about GTA franchise is UFOs that randomly appears and shock gamers from the starting.

But in GTA V, it has gone to the next level because there are actually four UFOs at four different locations.

There’s a catch in it.

Three of these UFOs appear when you have completed 100% of the game.

The one UFO which you can see without 100% completion of the game is present underwater on the north side of the map.

This UFO is actually crashed inside the water.

And the other three which you can see when you will hit 100% completion is at Sandy Shores, near Fort Zanacudo and at Mount Chiliad.

18. The Infinite 8 Mystery.

Now most of the Easter eggs in GTA V doesn’t have a real gameplay behind it. We either see Rockstar mocking the gamers or mocking the whole American culture a lot of times.

But infinite 8 mystery is something different which sends you on a wild hunt and find the Infinity villain.

At first, you’ll land to a weird scene after that follow some secrets around which will lead you to the criminal.

You would see a lot of Graffiti and creepy nursery rhymes all over the map and at last they would reach to the cell block in the prison.

However, you won’t find the infinity killer.

But there is a word on the street that Infinity Villain perished in the prison cell which makes this mystery unsolved.

If you want to know in detail about this mystery then here is a guide by games radar.

19. The map has all the secrets buried in.

Now, this is one of the super cool GTA 5 unknown facts that I bet even the serial GTA gamers don’t know.

The map that I am talking about is not a digital or in game map but the physical map which comes with GTA V collector’s edition.

It has a lot of crucial information which is a treasure for gamers who want to explore and find out every GTA V secrets.

At first the map looks normal, but it isn’t so because when you illuminate it with black light then the real magic happens.

When you put black light on the map you’ll see all the locations in the map where some secrets are present such as hidden areas, UFO locations and much more.

So, tell me in the comments down below if you are going to try this trick on your GTA V map to see all the secret locations?

20. Face in the mountain.

This is another thing which gamers mostly missed while free roaming the whole map.

The gamers which know this thing don’t agree on what it actually is.

However, you can clearly see that a face is carved on the Mount Chilliad mountain and by seeing it you can definitely say that it is made by game developers intentionally.

It is clear that it is a face but whose face is that is still a point to be discussed.

Some say that the face is similar to Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

Others say that it is actually the face of one of the game developer behind GTA V.

No one knows the right answer for sure!

Did I Miss Anything?

Now, it is the time you should tell me:

Which of these secrets you are going to try first in your GTA 5?

Or, you can tell me if I missed any interesting fact about GTA 5?

Either way, let me know in the comments section down below.

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