How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

Let’s start this article on how to make laptop run cooler while playing games with a short story of my laptop which inspired me to write this article.

Today, I was playing Assassin Creed Brotherhood on my low end iGPU graphics based laptop.

I played it for almost 1 hour and instantly realised that I should stop playing that game.

Why? Because my iGPU based laptop can’t handle even a 2009 game without producing a bunch of heat while playing it.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

And that is my prime inspiration why I am writing this article so that many low end gamers like me can reduce their low end laptops heat to the edge.

Also, this guide is not only for my high-end gamers but for high-end ones too because cooling a gaming laptop is much difficult than cooling a gaming PC.

Reducing the temperature of your laptop helps it to last longer too.

So, that’s enough for the crux of this article.

Let’s start this article.

1. Flat hard surface is must for cooling.

Laptop placement is one of the key aspect when it comes to its cooling.

Hotter laptops cools down fast when it is present in an airy place rather than on a blanket or a bedsheet.

Using laptops while laying down on your bed with blanket on you is one of the comfy positions for using laptops.

However, this position might be the most comfy position but it isn’t the best position according to cooling perspective.

According to cooling perspective, it is best to use your laptop on a harder surface rather than on a softer surface.

However, floors and hardwood tables aren’t the most suitable place for using your laptop.

My personal choice after seeing a lot of YouTube videos is to place a laptop either on computer table or on a folding table.

If you want to enjoy the comfy then you can use laptop on your legs laying down as well.

However, when doing CPU and GPU intensive tasks prefer to use your laptops on a computer or a folding table.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

Now the next question arises that why laptop cooling is more efficient on hard surface rather than soft one?

Because in laptop there is a simple cooling system in which one vent sucks in air, then went to hot heatsink and cools it.

After that the hot air exits out from the exhaust vent.

And on the hard surfaces no vent is blocked which ensures effective cooling of your laptop.

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2. Use a laptop cooler.

As I have explained just the cooling system of laptops that more the number of fans more faster and effective is the cooling of your laptop.

How you can achieve it? By using a laptop cooling pad.

This is one of the most effective way to cool down your laptop without spending your pocket filled with money on it.

If you are using your laptop for gaming or editing or any CPU or GPU heavy tasks then you surely need a laptop cooler.

Fortunately for all of you there are a lot of cooling pad out there in the market and any of them would work perfectly fine.

It is because cooling pad is nothing more than a tray having one, two, three or more fans in it.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

You can place your laptop on cooling pad and use it wherever you want to use it which gives you the luxury to use your laptop on your bed too.

After placing you laptop on the cooling pad turn it on.

Then air will enter your laptop from the bottom which will cool your laptop down.

However, if you don’t have money to invest in cooling pad then you can have a regular uplifted laptop stand.

It will help your laptop heat to dissipate out quickly which helps it cool down fast.

3. Dust the main culprit of laptop heating.

As, I have previously discussed in the last point that dust is one of the main enemy of your laptop’s cooling.

And if you want to last long your laptop’s life and to maintain its cooling then you have to eliminate dust from your laptop.

Over the period of time dust accumulates in the cooling system which reduces cooling power of your laptop.

Also, not only on laptop but in PC you also need to clean it regularly and also have to use some measures in order to protect it from dust and micro particles.

But with a laptop you have very few options to clean the dust and micro particles from it.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

There are two ways to clean your laptop:

  • Either you have to clean it with a professional every year.
  • Or use an air compressor for effective cleaning of laptop by yourself.

If you want to clean your laptop by yourself then you would require an air compressor as I have previously mentioned.

Blow air from one of the vents and see dust and micro particles coming out of the other vent.

And do the same until you see no more dust coming from the vent.

Although, I recommend cleaning your laptop from a professional because they would throughout clean your laptop from inside.

They would remove the dust from the clogged vents, fans and heat sinks which would make your laptop’s cooling system tip-top.

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4. Sunlight = No Cooling.

Sunlight is another thing that can fully ruin the cooling system of your laptop.

Also, not only laptops and desktops are its victim but all the electronic items should be protected from direct sunlight.

Why? Let me explain you,

It is because there are small plastic parts present inside laptops or any electronic items that can melt down if subjected to direct sunlight.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 Crazy cooling hacks 2021)!

If you use your laptop or desktop in the presence of direct sunlight it can raise the temperature of your laptop.

The continuous use of the laptop in sunlight can make the lifespan of its internal parts short.

Pro hack – Don’t store your laptop or any electronic appliance in your hot car. Why? Let’s explain it,

The main reason for it is greenhouse effect. Here is the definition of greenhouse effect.

Just remember that the window glass of your stores the amount of heat that enters the car which makes your car super hot from inside.

And due to the hotness inside the car the internal parts of the electric appliance inside the car can damage.

5. Laptop’s fan: A big headache.

Laptop’s fan is a big headache for the laptop users out there. Why?

Here’s the reason,

Just imagine that one day you are using your laptop and suddenly notice that no slight noise is coming out of your laptop.

What does it imply? It implies that one of both the fan’s inside your laptop is damaged or malfunctioning for some reason.

how to make your laptop cool in 2021!

And due to the damage or malfunction the fan’s inside your laptop’s fan is not spinning and not causing a single noise.

This matter should be taken into account as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

Also, if you hear a rattling fast fan’s sound coming from your laptop then it is not better than no sound coming from your laptop’s fans.

The rattling fast sound implies that your laptop’s fan is worn out and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Also, for both of these purposes you need to have a professional who can look into this matter and repair your laptop ASAP!

6. Use a cooling monitoring software.

There are a lot of different cooling monitoring software programs present which can tell you real time temprature of your laptop or desktop.

So that you can have an eye on it.

There are some other softwares which can tell your real time tempratures of your system and also helps you control the fan speed too.

how to make your laptop cool in 2021!

They can help you set up the fan speed of your laptop or desktop according to different temperatures.

In this way, you can make your laptop cooler by increasing the fan speed of your laptop according to different temperatures.

Here is a super article from on Fan control softwares!

7. Is the hardware of your laptop upto the mark?

This is the same problem that my old gaming rig have that it doesn’t have an up to the mark hardware to even run a 2009 game.

Also, if your laptop hardware is ancient then your laptop can fall flat even while doing normal tasks.

The CPU of your laptop would be working hard in order to keep your laptop running.

And while doing this it takes a lot of power from the battery of your laptop which makes your laptop grilling hot.

In this type of laptop there aren’t many tips which you can do to make your laptop cooler.

You just have to invest in a new laptop with better configuration.

how to make your laptop cool in 2021!

Many of the tech PC gurus can say that in these ancient laptops you can install Linux instead of Windows because Windows is a very resource consuming OS.

However, this is not a very good advice and I also don’t prefer Linux as it is very difficult OS to handle.

There’s another way in which if the GPU of your laptop is not up to the mark then for this situation you can set an external GPU with your laptop.

However, by setting up an external GPU you have to compromise on two things:

  • Portability the main factor of buying a laptop would go into vain.
  • The Cost of adding an external GPU is quite high.

8. Check the BIOS.

Checking the BIOS is another way in which you can see all the things of you laptop’s cooling system is working perfectly or not.

Now, tweaking the BIOS is a very good way of ruining your laptop if you don’t know the B of BIOS.

how to make your laptop cool in 2021!

So, if you aren’t an expert in computers then you can go to a professional which can tweak and improve the cooling system of your laptop in a harmless way.

However, if you are an expert then here’s a super tip to improve the cooling system of your laptop through BIOS.

Pro-tip – Check that any fan control settings is not set in any conservative manner because it can keep your laptop running at a much higher temperature than normal.

9. Don’t create huge traffic of programs.

What does this headline mean?

Here’s what I mean,

If your laptop is running with a lot of programs in the background then it would create a huge cluster of programs that can make your laptop into a toast!

So, try keeping the programs running on your laptop to a minimum in order to maximize cooling performance.

Do close the programs once your work has been done rather than minimizing it and let it run to make your laptop hotter.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 NEW Ways)!

Also, if you are browsing the internet then try keeping the tabs open to a minimum in order to free the memory (RAM) of your laptop.

All these tips will reduce the memory usage of your laptop and would help it to run faster and cooler too.

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10. Check the Power settings.

In windows there are a lot of power options which can make your laptop run cooler.

I won’t get into much deep but here are two power tips to make your laptop run faster:

  • Change the power settings to “balanced”.
  • Change the “System Cooling Policy” for “Plugged in” to “Active”.

These tips will help you make your laptop run cooler while playing games or doing other intensive tasks too.

11. Undervolting the CPU.

Due to large competition in the CPU market between Intel and Ryzen both the companies want to make their CPUs run faster.

And in this race of fastness effective cooling of CPU left behind.

It is because as the CPU is working faster it would lead to producing more heat in achieving the same.

Especially for the Intel 9th Gen GPU which produce a lot of heat even while doing normal tasks.

So, how you can fix it?

Here’s the solution,

It can be resolved by Undervolting the CPU.

Undervolting the CPU means that to reduce the amount of voltage going to the CPU.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 NEW Ways)!

How reducing the voltage can reduce the temperature?

Now, I am not going into the deep of processing and machine language aspect.

Just remember that CPU process the information and it emits heat when it tries to process the information.

In the processing of information the CPU first understands what is the function it has to perform, and then it does the function.

And this process is made faster by the CPU producing companies in order to give the user more snappy and faster response.

This leads to producing a large amount of heat in your laptop.

And the more voltage you would give to your CPU more it will throttle and more it would produce heat.

By undervolting your CPU you can make your laptop cooler without making much sacrifice on performance and speed.

If you want to know how you can do undervolting of your laptop then here’s an video for it.

12. Change your thermal paste.

When you buy a brand-new laptop then it comes with a fresh thermal paste on GPU and CPU which protects your desktop and laptop from heating.

However, as the time passes by due to the heating of CPU and GPU the thermal paste changes into ashes which is very bad for cooling perspective.

Thermal Paste is a cooling paste that is applied at the top of the processor or graphics card of your laptop or desktop.

Thermal Paste passes the heat directly to the heat sink away from processor so that entire system don’t overheat.

How To Make Laptop Run Cooler while playing games (10 NEW Ways)!

Also, on new laptops heating issues can appear due to thermal paste when it is not applied up to the mark by the laptop’s manufacturer.

So, in that case you have to reapply it in the fittest manner so that your laptop won’t face any heating issues.

The process of applying thermal paste is quite delicate, and you should see some YouTube videos like this on how to apply thermal paste.

However, if you have a new laptop then you can go to the service center of your laptop’s company which can solve your thermal paste problem easily.

Here’s a complete guide on how to clean and apply thermal paste in your laptop by

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are cooling pads bad for laptops?

It is not fully bad for laptops, but I don’t recommend it to use it during regular use.


Because gaming pad puts a lot of air and also sometime dust into your laptop constantly which stresses the internal parts of your laptop.

So, use your gaming pad only during gaming or super heavy tasks and on a dust free surface inorder to protect your laptop from constant dust.

Is it bad if your laptop gets hot?

Now, understand what I say carefully that if you are doing intensive tasks or gaming on your laptop then your laptop will surely heat.

However, if it is heating super high then it is a sign of problem so use the tips given above on your laptop so that it won’t heat much.

Also, if the problem don’t resolve then take your laptop to a professional.

Also, if you are facing heating during the normal tasks then it is a big sign of problem and I would recommend you to go to professional to fix it.

What happens if the laptop is overcharged?

First I would like to tell you that keeping your laptop plugged in constantly won’t overcharge or damage your battery.

However, if you want to maximize the life span of your laptop’s battery then constant charging of your laptop is quite bad for it.


Heating of your laptop is normal if it is in controlled manner but if your laptop heats a lot while doing normal tasks on your laptop.

Then it is an alarm for you which tells you that there is something wrong in your laptop.

You can use the tips that I have mentioned in this article and if nothing happens then you should take your laptop to a professional to fix it ASAP!

So, that’s it for this article.

Hope you liked and if yes then do share it with your friends who need to cool his/her fire emitting laptop.

One request from the center of my heart to share this article because,

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