11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!

In this post, I am going to tell you a new update checklist of 20 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC.

GTA 5 despite being an 8-year-old game is still super famous among gamers.

But if you have completed the game and want to know some other similar crime games.

Then, you are at the right place my dear.

So, without any further adooo… let’s start this article.

1. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is the martial artist version of GTA V but with fewer guns and no air transport.

If you are bought up seeing Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in your childhood then you are going to die for it.

This game has the most awaited feature that gamers wants in GTA 5 which is to become a cop in the game.

It is because the main character of this game is actually a police officer who is between a powerful criminal organization called the triads.

11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!
Similar games like GTA 5 for PC

He has gone into this criminal organization in order to take it down.

Sleeping dog is set in Hong Kong and the developers of this game has beautifully depicted it.

We know that GTA 5 has a lot of violent in it but if you want 10X times more violent then you should definitely try it.

Also, it can work on a 4gb Ram PC with an integrated GPU which is quite common now even in low-end laptops and desktops.

But I want to warn you that if you don’t want to see brutal killing of people then never ever play this game in your life.

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2. Saints Row IV

This game is GTA V but the main protagonist has the superpowers like Superman.

It is another fantasy of GTA gamers that they want to play with a player which have superpowers and this game allows you to do that.

However, this game has some mixed opinions some gamers like it and some simply hate it.

And I am the second one because this game is based on reality and fantasy mixed and I don’t like these kind of mixed up games.

However, the graphics of this game is top-notch and also has a big map which you can explore with a character which has god like powers.

11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!

Also, not only the protagonist of the game has god like powers, but the villains are more god like than him.

So, if you want to have the feel of a superhero movie where a hero fights a villain then this game is for you.

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3. Pay Day 2

If you want a game which will give you the feel of old games but helps you play GTA level heists in it then Pay Day 2 is the best for you.

I would personally recommend you to play its online mode which will give you the feel of GTA online and it is quite famous as well.

You can play various heists with your friends and make huge criminal empire for yourself.

11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!

It has a drawback that it is not open world but if you will do the missions you would surely get the feel of GTA V.

And I must tell you that the stealth mechanics of this game is also top-notch.

From robbing the cars to the transportation of drugs this game will surely have a lot of elements from GTA V itself.

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3. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a primal survival based game which has a lot of fans all around the world.

However, Far Cry 5 has more stunning visuals and better mechanics than GTA V.

But one drop back of this game is the lack of gangster culture in the game.

11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!

The end mission of this game is to eradicate the Doomsday cult which has taken over the Hope Country, Montana.

This game has a vast world, and you shouldn’t miss the conversation with a single person you meet throughout your journey because this opens a different storyline with it.

However, the storyline isn’t much appealing and you should give it a try.

4. Just Cause 3 & 4

Just Cause 3 & 4 is a kind of game which don’t give you the criminal aspect and highly crafted storyline like Rockstar games.

But instead gives you an open world game and almost destructible environment and large amount of freedom.

I want to give you an example of the freedom that these games gives to its players.

11 Similar Games like GTA 5 for PC [New Updated Checklist 2021]!

You can surf on the cars when a huge tornado lifts it in the air.

Also, if you like the Rag doll Physics of GTA V then you would surely like the 10x times of it in these two games.

The best thing about these games is that it gives you the allowance to do super mass destruction which many GTA players wants from a long time.

5. Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs Legion

These two games are most well crafted by Ubisoft itself.

After the failed attempt of making a copy of GTA game with Watch Dogs in which the revenge of Adrian Pearce was much bigger than the game itself.

But I really want to appreciate Ubisoft because they really took the criticism of Watch Dogs to heart and make their sequel a super game.

Both Watch Dogs 2 and Legion are just like GTA V with a bit better graphics and hacking mechanism in it.

These games are similar to GTA V because both these games are super compatible for both PC and consoles just like GTA V.

Another similarity of these games and GTA V is taking the reference from real life objects, people etc.

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6. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 and GTA V is very similar to each other in many aspects.

GTA V blends the criminality and city life in an Oscar winning manner with a lot of side activities that you can do if you want to get out of the main storyline.

Similarly, Yakuza does the same but instead of blending criminality to city life, this game blends criminality to town life.

Best games like GTA V for PC [New Checklist 2021]!

It also has a range of different side activities which you can do when you start getting bored by the main storyline of this game.

GTA V has pool, tennis, yoga and stock market whereas Yakuza has karaoke, pool, gambling, dancing and some explicit content which you can see in the back of the video store.

One drawback of this game is that all the side activities of this game are not very well polished like GTA V.

However, the amount of different activities that you can do in this game compensates this drawback.

7. Mafia 3 and Mafia Definitive Edition

These two games are the latest release from the Mafia series which is called as the copy of GTA games.

If you are a person who loves criminal games like GTA V then you should check out these two games because they depict crime in a very beautiful manner.

In much way these two games are different because Mafia games are set in the past.

Best games like GTA V for PC [New Checklist 2021]!

And it is the main reason why there are no bikes in Mafia series until the Definitive edition which has bikes which we can drive as well.

However, there are some similarities between these two games such as crime factor, stealing the cars, police chasing us and much more.

One weak point of the mafia games are that their storyline is not well polished especially Mafia 3 because of its repetitive storyline and missions.

However, Mafia definitive edition is getting good reviews from gamers especially due to the addition of bikes in the game.

8. Mad Max

If you are a fan of Resident Evil and GTA V then you would like this game for sure.

It is because this games has mixed the apocalyptic feature with the open world feature like GTA V.

In this game you play, Max who is the lone survivor of who wants to leave the madness of the apocalyptic world behind and wants to find peace at a place called “Plains of Silence”.

However, for this you have to drive cars and have deadly combats.

Best games like GTA V for PC [New Checklist 2021]!

There are a lot of similarities between Mad Max and GTA V.

Such as in Mad Max you have to go to town and beat the hell out of these people in order to upgrade your car.

You have to explore, solve puzzles, beat people you meet, and you will then unlock the regions of the map.

Also, just like GTA V you can grow your beard and change your personality as well.

If you are looking for a more visually satisfying and scary game along with the open world element of GTA V then Mad Max is my first pick for that.

9. Bully

This game is made by the one and only, “Rockstar Games” who make the GTA games if you don’t know.

This game has a different fan base around the world.

Some gamers are mad about this game and some don’t even want to listen its name.

This game is for those people who had been bullied in the school and not want to remove these bullies out the school.

In this game, you play as Jimmy who has recently enrolled in a new school where he finds that almost every student is a bully.

Best games like GTA V for PC [New Checklist 2021]!

Your work as Jimmy is to bring peace in the school and dump these bullies out.

You have to attend the classes of different subjects and learn different subjects.

You have to rise up in the school and become the savior who will save everyone from the wrath of these bullies.

This game has no such direct similarity to GTA V.

But yes you can do all of similar activities like GTA V in this game such as driving bicycle, hand-to-hand combat etc.

It has one thing that every GTA gamers want in the GTA series which is skateboard which you can use in this game.

So, if you want to relieve your school life and kick the ass of bullies then this game is best for you.

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10. LA Noire

Another Rockstar game on this list, LA Noire is not basically similar to GTA V because here you have to play as a detective not as a gangster.

This game is set in the era of 1940s to 1950s which was the Golden Age of Hollywood as a war Veteran Cole Phelps.

There is not much to say about this game but its facial expressions detection feature of this game is still a masterpiece.

In this game you have to detect whether the suspect is saying truth or not just by seeing the facial expressions of him/her.

In this game you have to be on the good side but the good and bad side often gets blurred especially during Vice and Aron cases.

Also, you can play this game on VR which can be really thrilling if you have a VR compatible gaming laptop or PC.

Here are some reviews of LA Noire.

11. Red Dead Redemption 2

This is the sequel of another successful series from Rockstar Games which Red Dead Redemption.

It is a similar crime game like GTA V and is arguably the best cowboy themed game on PC.

If you have played GTA V and has praised the level of detailing in it.

Then you should be super shocked if you see the insane level of detailing of the world, gun mechanism, player mechanism etc.

You can understand the level of realism of this game by knowing that in this game the developing building develops as the story proceeds which damn good.

Best games like GTA V for PC [New Checklist 2021]!

RDR 2 game is set in wild-west North America where you have to ride horses instead of super cars like GTA V.

You can still enjoy this game even after completing a monstrous 70 hours campaign mode because of the Red Dead Online.

Just like the online version of GTA V it has several fun elements which would never let you bore from this game.

There are role-play servers of RDR2 where you can play as lawman, outlaw, or any other character.

You can also add mods in the offline mode of RDR2 to make the story mode much interesting.

Did I Missed Something?

Now I would like to know from you.

Did I miss any of other similar games like GTA 5 for PC?

Also, tell me which of these you are going to try first on your PC?

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