Who is the best Assassin’s Creed protagonist? All assassin’s ranked from top to bottom!

Are you an assassin creed gamer and want to know who is the best Assassin’s creed protagonist?

Whether you like Eivor from the Assassin creed newest addition Valhalla or you like Ezio Auditore from Assassin creed 2 or brotherhood or revelations.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

All of the Assassin creed protagonist has some special quality in them and that is the reason why people remember them till now in 2021!

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So, without any further delay let’s start this article on all the assassin creed protagonist ranked from top to bottom!


Now this assassin creed duo wasn’t the real assassins according to the people.

It was because the game, in which they appeared, was a kind of soft reboot for the whole assassin creed series.

In the assassin’s creed series all the protagonists have a different and engaging storyline and worldview.

However, both of these protagonists have the same kind of dialogues and worldview.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

The dialogues are differently said due to the different voice artists for both of them.

Yes, this ranking could be based on the fact that I personally don’t like Assassin Creed Odyssey.

However, I like Kassandra more than Alexios because the dialogue delivery Mellisanthi Mahut was very charismatic.

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad.

The original assassin of the series who doesn’t get many chances to shine in this series.

Also, he was one of the dullest assassin’s of this whole series. 

His dialogues were a bit plain and also the mechanics weren’t good like its successors.

And that was the main reason why Ubisoft had to change him in the second game of this series.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked
Who is the best Assassin’s Creed protagonist.

However, I am not saying that Altair was unnecessary.

He was more necessary than any other protagonist in the whole assassin’s creed series.

But, I want to ask one question to Altair that would have killed him if he would have cracked one or two jokes.


Now, you know that I really like Assassin creed III and was a good assassin creed game according to me.

He’s the son of a native American woman and english man who was born during a great tension, American revolution. 

The story of this game was ok

However, the writers of this game forget to give a personality to the protagonist of the game himself.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

Connor (easier name of protagonist) was dull, pathetic, who always complained about his situation. 

Which is why gamers don’t like this game.

Arno Victor Dorian.

The protagonist of assassin creed unity was also a revolutionary like Connor.

Arno was born in a wealthy family in Versailles.

However, when he goes to Bastille, a famously brutal Parsian prison for some work but he becomes an assassin creed there.

He has a lot of similarities with Cornor like great backstory. 

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

I like the fact that Arno was a lot different from other Assassins in this series because he is not on a creed thing.

The starting of his journey was very good because he was cocky and likeable.

However, the writers again fucked up and his personality got degraded as the story proceeded. 

Shay Patrick Cormac.

Shay was a great addition to the whole assassin creed heroes in the game Assassin’s creed Rogue.

Also, I really liked the fact that this game has a rogue in it because it clearly tells that Shay is a rogue Assassin.

However, he is not only a rogue assassin but he is a templar as well.

Yes, this might offend you like other gamers but the protagonist story in this game was super good.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked
Who is the best Assassin’s Creed protagonist.

However, the main protagonist is a templar but he doesn’t kill weak people and shows mercy occasionally which is an assassins trait.

I really loved his pendulum-like storyline and the rawness of the protagonist as well as well.

Aveline De Grandpre.

Aveline was the main protagonist of the spinoff of Assassin creed 3 which is called Assassin creed: liberation.

She was born in a wealthy family of New Orleans due to which she always witnessed privilege and prosperity.

However, when she got to know the reality of the world then her worldview got changed.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

After that she decided that she would fight evil and protect people so she joined the creed.

Being related to a game whose protagonist doesn’t have a great personality and worldview.

She was instead opposite to that of Connor (protagonist of Assassin creed 3). 

Her story took a sweet spot in the heart of every Assassin creed fan due to her guilt of being rich and strong personality.

Evie Frye.

Evie is a fast decision maker, professional and sharped assassin from the game Assassin Creed syndicate.

Now, the game in which she appeared wasn’t of the top notch but the story of the protagonists are great.

Yes, in this game you can switch between protagonists like in GTA V.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

She doesn’t let her fall in the trap of Altair and Connor by letting her devotion to the creed define her.

Evie is a hard shell girl but there are small glimpses of humanity and humour can be seen through her journey.  

She is always scolded by her brother due to her reckless behaviour. However, she genuinely cares about her brother.

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Due to her quick decision making, passion for her work made her one of the admired Assassin creed protagonists.

Jacob Fyre.

Next is another protagonist from Syndicate who is the brother of Evie.

Jacob is cocky, has a bit of wit and is pricky which adds an unique charm to his personality.

That is the reason why he is so praised in the assassin creed because he is happy in what he is doing.

He always enjoys jumping over the London streets with his brass knuckles.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

With this he is a confident and fierce leader of downtrodden following his father.

However, in the starting it was the last thing he wanted to do at the start of this game.

Eivor (Male).

The protagonist of the recent addition in the assassin creed series Assassin creed Valhalla is Eivor.

Yes, like the Assassin creed Odyssey, this game also has the option of choosing the gender of the protagonist.

Magnus Brunn has done an excellent job in this game by giving his voice to male Eivor.

All assassins of assassin creed games ranked

Yes, this game is quite criticised as it is based on norse mythology which is very uncommon for Assassins creed games. 

However, the voice acting as well as the game gives more than what was expected.

The voice acting of Magnus Brunn has a little flaw which has got him a little down in this list.

It is that he looks a bit uncomfortable with the role than the female counterpart.

Eivor male is quieter, more measured and more thoughtful but lacks the fire and recklessness of the female one.

However, this can be a great thing as well as bad too because if both of them had the same personality then it would be less interesting to play with both of them.

Bayek of Siwa.

This assassins creed game is set in the last years of Ancient Egypt as Greek and Roman culture comes there.

However, the protagonist Bayek is a man of old values and ethics which makes his character unique and engaging.

He is a guy who respects tradition and the religion very much.

However, he can be funny and charming as well.

Who is the best Assassin's creed protagonist? All assassin's ranked 2021!
Who is the best Assassin’s Creed protagonist.

He has one weakness that he can’t see any child in trouble which was due to the death of his son.

This weakness make the dark side of him become a bit shadowy.

However, his good nature and natural instinct to help the weak makes his character more charismatic. 

Edward James Kenway.

The Welsh pirate from the game Assassin creed 4: Black flag was more focussed on glory, gold and fame rather than following his creed at the starting.

This kind of contrasting personality, with his shitty humour makes his personality so fucking charismatic. 

Who is the best Assassin's creed protagonist? All assassin's ranked 2021!

Throughout his journey in Caribbean he grows as a person and then bounces back to live his old life of Assassin.

However, till the end of his journey he doesn’t lose his love for the high roaring seas.

Haytham Kenway.

Haytham Kenway is one of the most interesting lead characters of the whole Assassin creed franchise.

He appeared in Assassin creed 3. Right, this game features the most bad and annoyed protagonist of all time, Connor.

However, in this game we start with Haytham and immediately proves to be a conflicting character.

He is considered as the villain because of his alliance with them.

Who is the best Assassin's creed protagonist? All assassin's ranked 2021!

However, as I have said that he has a conflicting personality. 

And that is the reason even though he works with templars but he has some good in him as well which is often fogged due to his work.

His charisma and ruthlessness makes the gamers play with a player with a different kind of perspective.

However, after that Connor came and fucked up the game. 

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Eivor (Female).

Another protagonist of the creed games which has a kind of contrasting personality is Eivor (female).

Whenever Eivor is with her friends then she is likeable and joking.

However, when an enemy comes in front of her or she goes on a quest she wants to.

Suddenly she becomes a passionate, full of fury and powerful character.

Who is the best Assassin's creed protagonist? All assassin's ranked 2021!

With the storyline the voice acting done by Cecilie Stenspil powerful voice acting gave a boost to the overall character.

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Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

The replacement of Altair who first appeared in Assassin creed 2 is the fan favourite protagonist.

He has got an unfair advantage over any other protagonist that he has got three full sized AC games whereas others has got only one.

However, I like the Ezio of Assassin’s creed 2 because of his wit, charm and mischievous nature. 

Who is the best Assassin's creed protagonist?
Who is the best Assassin’s Creed protagonist.

He is a character which has a lot of life in and has a fresh air like personality.

The first two games in which he was featured tells this kind of personality of Ezio which is mentioned above.

However, Assassin creed revelation tells the story of old Ezio who has seen much pain and cruelty in life.

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Frequently asked questions.

Who is the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed?

There are many protagonist of Assassin creed series but the one who is the descendant of the three top assassins Altair, Ezio and Connor is the main protagonist.

Desmond Miles is arguably the main protagonist of the whole assassin because he was the one who started the journey of Assassin creed.

Who is the main antagonist in Assassin’s Creed?

Rodrigo Borgia: Grand master of Italian templars is the primary antagonist in the game.

Who is the fastest and strongest assassin?

Ezio Auditore is the fastest and strongest assassin because he has won a lot of fights with templars.

He was able to defeat many templars even when he was very old in Assassin creed revelations.

Was Altair the best assassin?

According to me, he wasn’t the best assassin but he was a quick learner as compared to other assassins.

I am saying this because he has achieved the tag of master assassin at the age of 20.

And that is the reason why he is one of the powerful assassin in the franchise.


If you are a kind of person who doesn’t like to play Assassin creed games.

You can say that, “I don’t like the storyline of the games.” 

Or you can say that “I don’t like the protagonist”

However, you can’t deny the fact that the graphics and parkour of all the assassin creed games are way ahead of their time.

Even when the protagonist in the games can do only a mere parkour the Assassin creed franchise has made a game based heavily on parkour.

Do tell me you take on this question that do you like the graphics and parkour of Assassin creed games.

Also, if you have any doubt regarding gaming and PC tech then you can also comment down below.

Do share this article with your Assassin creed games fan and ask them do they like this article or not?

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